My Last Information About Site

Since December 2011, will not update the content anymore.

I’m not delete this site because I’m sure there is one of my content maybe still become really important information to somebody.

Please visit my official website or my new blog

Thanks for visiting us.


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How To Clean Shorcut Virus

Shorcut virus is very famous virus from indonesia, this virus could make change the folder and file become .ink and our file will be can not to open and disappear. Actualy this virus is not really dangerous for us, cause there is a two ways how to clean or delete that virus from our windows operating system.

First way you must read below here, there is 8 steps what we must to do: (more…)

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5 Best Place to Learn Linux – Linux Tutorial Sites

Linux have amazed every tech guy and make them curious to hands on Linux. Many of us not feel Linux easy to use but linuxalmost everyone agrees that it is a powerfull OS.

I am always interested in learning more on Linux. I found Linux is not as difficult as many people think and they feel it is little difficult to find Linux tutorial. I don’t think so that it is difficult to find Linux tutorial. I searched for some best place to learn Linux and decided to list those sites where you can find lot of Linux tutorial.


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20 Interesting Facts About Japan

Over the years, Japan has become one of the most interesting countries in the world. Its unique culture, great food and technological edge has fascinated and inspired the rest of the world.

However, some of Japan’s customs and tastes have been widely misunderstood, and have even baffled some. Nonetheless, these 20 interesting facts have given the world a chance to see Japan as it is: An intriguing, culturally rich and economically sturdy super-power. Here are 20 interesting facts about Japan.

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10 Real Cars Inspired By Cartoons

The Mystery Machine (Scooby-Doo)

In the summer of 2002, Lou and Steve Raguse painted an old van into a replica of the Scooby-Doo Mystery Machine. Raguse’s paint job was so realistic that they decided to paint two more vans to sell.

29 March 2011 at 11:25 am 2 comments

Green Tea Secret

Green tea has been enjoyed by people in China and Japan for thousands of years. Over the time it has become widely known in the West.

A lot of people nowadays have heard that green tea benefits the overall health, but not a lot know why exactly. And believe me after I’ve learned all the health benefits of green tea, I get completely different feeling every time I drink it. I not only enjoy the taste of it but I also get the moral satisfaction knowing that I am doing something right and extremely healthy for my body. I want you to have exactly the same feeling I have, so here are the benefits that you get while sipping delicious cup of tea.

Green tea contains anti-oxidants that:

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Health Habits That Will Help You Live to 100

The biggest factor that determines how well you age is not your genes but how well you live. Not convinced? A new study published in the British Medical Journal of 20,000 British folks shows that you can cut your risk of having a stroke in half by doing the following four things: being active for 30 minutes a day, eating five daily servings of fruit and vegetables, and avoiding cigarettes and excess alcohol.

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