How to make your windows xp more optimal

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This configuration setting is very usefull for computer that have specification prossesor pentium 3 that want to make the speed as fast as pentium 4.. I’ll give you what is the points to made it..

We will touch some of configuration, it would be:
* System Properties
* System Configuration
* Registry

1. System Properties

* Right click to the icon My Computer and choose Properties . or you can press it by  Windows + Pause Break .
* Click the  System Restore menu, Make sure you’re press Turn Off System Restore On All Drives . This will be very usefull to prevent the virus.
* then click Advanced .

There will be show 3 menu setting at the below.

* Click Setting and make sure you’re choose Adjust For Best Performance . Next click Apply . Wait for the moment, and the display of windows will be change to be classic. That display we can change it later as your wish.
* Then click Advanced , and click Change to change Virtual Memory.
* For the sub menu Custome Size , there is  Initial Size collum . Type the collum with  minimuml 2 x more bigger of the RAM in your computer. For example you have 128 MB RAM, so type that collum like this 256. And for the next collum type 2 x more bigger than the first collum. Don’t forget to click Set . Click OK and OK again so it will be back automatically at the first System Properties.
* Now, click the  third menu setting, you will see 2 two collums that the value is already 30. Change that value become 3 . Then click the checklist (v) at the Automatically Restart so there is no anymore checklist at the automatic restart.
* Click OK when done.
* Close System Properties and click OK.

And if you don’t like the classic display, you change it :

* Right click at the Desktop area and choose Properties so there is will be show Display Properties
* Click the Themes menu, then at the Themes collum at the below, Click ( Pop up ) and choose Windows XP .
* Klik Apply and see the result of it.
* Next click the Desktop menu, see carefully at the below. there will be see the Customize Desktop sub menu , click that menu.
* Make the checklist(v) disappear from the Run Desktop Cleanup Every 60 Days. This is to prevent to automatic delete icon that is not important again from Windows but we assume it very important to us.
* Click OK and OK again to close the Display Properties

2. System Configuration

Please carefully for this steps:

* Click Start and choose Run, then type ” msconfig” then  Ok or just press Enter
* At the right corner up there will be Startup menu . Click that menu.
* Look at the below, make disappear the checklist for the program that we assume it not really important to make better  START UP. Then click Apply
* Click OK to close the  System Configuration and click Restart .

3. Registry


We will touching this system configuration, so follow this steps carefully :

* Click Start and choose Run then type “regedit” , clik OK or just press Enter directly
* Click the symbol plus (+) at HKEY_CURRENT_USER
* Click the symbol  plus (+) at Control Panel
* Click the symbol  plus (+) at Desktop

See carefully at the right window Desktop. There will be so many String. Search and find MenuShowDelay . if you find it, double click it and  change the value 400 become 0, then click OK

* Now back to left window
* At the below Desktop directories there will be  WindowsMetrics sub directories. Click that sub directory and see carefully at the right window.
* Search and find MinAnimate , click two times at that value and change the value become 1 , click OK .

Now close the registry with pressing Alt + F4 or just click the close symbol ( X) at the top right corner of window.

Restart your computer and see the different.


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