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29 January 2011 at 12:35 pm Leave a comment

Tuxcut is not the same with Netcut software that we always use for cutting network through wifi.. Tuxcut there is available feature like a protection to user.. It is really different with netcut, cause Netcut there is no feature to protecting us.. So if we using Netcut we must be also install Antinetcut to protecting us.. Are you interesting with Tuxcut? I’ll give you the way to install it..

1. First we have to download the software here

2. Before we install it, we must install arp-scan, arp-tables, and dsniff. (It needs a connection to internet to make it easy to install.)
a. Install arp-scan with this command in the shell konsole
sudo apt-get install arp-scan
b. Install dsniff use this command
sudo apt-get install arp-scan
c. Install arp-tables with the latest update here
Command to install it
tar zxf arptables-v0.0.3-3.tar.gz
cd arptables-v0.0.3-3
make && make install

or the easiest way is
sudo apt-get install arptables

3. Install Tuxcut use this command
sudo dpkg -i TuxCut-3.2_all.deb

If there is still appear a library error, you can fix it or update it use this command
apt-get install -f

Happy enjoy with this software..


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